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If you have doubts or fears of having an implant procedure in Dr. Maytesyan’s office, don’t think twice-just do it! It’s totally worth it. Implants are a great investment in the future wellbeing of your mouth, as they last forever. And after having an ‘implant experience’ with Dr. Maytesyan I would never got to any other dentist. He is the best! I lost a lot of teeth in the past and had to wear dental partials that gave me a lot of problems because of my dry mouth. So after consulting with Dr. Maytesyan, I decided to replace a partial in my lower jaw with implants. Naturally, I was quite nervous when I came to an appointment to have three implants installed. To my amazement, the whole procedure was a breeze- thanks to Dr. Maytesyan and his skillful and caring assistant Inga. The procedure was almost painless and lasted less than 2 hours. After the surgery the soreness and swelling were manageable, and every day I noticed improvement, until, after a week, all traces of discomfort were gone. In a couple of weeks I’m going to have the upper parts of the implants installed and will finally be able to smile again! It’s a pure pleasure to be in care of such a talented Doctor with a magic touch, and his delightful team of extremely professional, friendly and raring assistants.

Olga Rabichkin, Devoted patient,

“Everyone has been great here. There was additional preparation in our case and many phone calls involved and everyone was patient and professional with us. The new office was simple to find and is decorated very nice and comfortably. I would recommend ART in DENTISTRY and Dr. AMIK to our friends and neighbors!


“The thing that impresses me the most about this office is… the friendliness of the office staff and the fact that Dr. AMIK is savy on all new/modern techniques in dentistry. He provides different options, and I like that.”

Martha R .,

I’ve had my main dental work done at this point and my first time getting implants. I was so worried before the procedure. There were many complications in my case, but the Dr. made it seem fast and easy. I was very happy and impressed with his professionalism. Today I had my stiches removed and I am doing really well. I had no problems such as inflammation or pain. Dr. Maytesyan and his team did a very good job. Keep up the good work guys! Thank you.

With best regards, Svetlana Oganova,